Guest Comments


I was lucky enough to travel to Bhutan in 2007 with Pantha and her wonderful heart, and I was changed by the experience.  Her obvious passion for the land, its spirit and its people showed in every way - and, yes, it was contagious.

Pantha's knowledge and experience made my visit a simple joy from start to finish.  All travel, connections and arrangements were easy and smooth, and everyone involved was warm, friendly and very, VERY present the entire time.  Absolutely nothing we asked of Pantha or her support contacts seemed to be a problem.  Her personal relationships in both business and religious circles gave us access to amazing people, and places throughout the trip.

Go - just GO!

Travelling with Pantha to Bhutan was one of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered. Pantha is definitely the "invisible leader" - you do not know she is there until you need her, and then she weaves her magic and any situation is resolved. Pantha's contacts in Bhutan are fantastic, great tour guides, lovely accommodation and wonderful food, and best of all - consummate hosts at all the places we stayed. Pantha you have made my experience of Bhutan really memorable, you introduced me to some wonderful people, catered for all my needs - and wants as well, your style as a tour director is practical and unassuming and your passion for the Bhutanese people and their magical existence is infectious. You take tours to a new level - "forget the glossy brochures and wonderful descriptions that tour operators give "  just give me some real heart and real passion mixed with a quality down to earth tour that just makes me want to go back and do it all again.


Travelling with Pantha was refreshing and filled with humour. I enjoyed the way in which she opened her life and passions and welcomed us in. Leading us to the Buddhist way of life then stepping back while we explored, experienced and then helped us to understand the culture and philosophies. I felt like she was introducing me to her friends and they all made me feel welcome. It was a journey of friendship that got deeper and deeper, and the essence of Pantha wove it all together. It was a sacred pilgrimage blessed by Pantha's relationships and her commitment to sponsoring Tibetan refugee's. I feel blessed to have travelled into Pantha's world with her and to emerge with a friendship. Her journeys are inspiring and life changing.

A friend of mine suggested I go to India with Pantha knowing that I wanted a holiday with that was different and had a purpose.   It was that for sure and in addition I had a lot of fun traveling from place to place in our 4 wheel drives with our small special group.   The scenery was magnificent and the towns and cities were fascinating.  I learnt a lot about Tibetan as well as Indian culture.  Whilst most accommodation was pretty basic, it was by no means uncomfortable or too rough.  The shopping was amazing.  I got lots of interesting and beautiful gifts and mementos from roadside traders and craftspeople.  
I learnt a lot about Buddhism and found the teachings fascinating and so relevant for me. Going with Pantha opened up a lot of doors for us and we were fortunate to be in the company of revered Lamas and heard great teachings from them.   I met some great people, had some incredible experiences, got right out of my routine and life back home and had a lot of fun along the way.   And, all of this without breaking the bank.
I'm going to Bhutan this year with Pantha and will definitely take the same trip to India again in the near future.