Tso Pema Projects

Tso Pema (Lotus Lake) is in the village of Rewalsar, near Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, India.    We arrange sponsorship of approx 200 nuns, monks, yogis, yoginis, children & old people here and these projects are a natural extension into helping the whole community.        

Health Projects

There are 3 health projects here that Our Jinpa supports.

Caring project

Home Care is currently being given to eighteen elderly people in Tso Pema. 

Nyima who manages this project, loves caring for people.  She arranges regular cleaning of peoples rooms & washing of their clothing. She also makes sure they have mattresses, blankets & other basic necessities. 

The fund also bought a washing machine to help care for the old monks at the Nyingma Monastery.


Traditional Tibetan Medicine Clinic

In 2011 Dr Palchen Dorje established a clinic at Tso Pema.  Fundraising is helping him purchase all the herbs & equipment he needs.



Lhamo channels a healing deity who is renowned in the local district for curing gall stones & kidney stones as well as a huge variety of illnesses.

Tso Pema Kids Garden Nursery School

When they are eight years old, most of the Tibetan refugee children from Tso Pema leave to attend one of the Tibetan Children's Village boarding schools, which were established by the Dalai Lama.  This nursery school was created in 2004 by the late Dr Dorjee, to provide the younger children some education before boarding school. They are taught Tibetan, English, Maths etc

Dr Dorjee's widow Yangchen now manages the school which began with 25 children and 3 teachers and has grown to 50 students 4 teachers and a cook.  Lunch is provided for all students.

Yangchen Dolker & new students on their first day at school

Pantha Pictures' Tso Pema Kids Garden Nursery School photoset Pantha Pictures' Tso Pema Kids Garden Nursery School photoset

Song & dance at school on Youtube

To contribute to any of these projects please contact Pantha