Enabling the Joys of Generosity

Our Jinpa is a network of generosity that continues to spread through families & friends. We bring support to several Himalayan communities in India and Bhutan.

Sponsoring began in 1998 by taking people on journeys to Tso Pema, where many nuns live in caves surrounding the Holy Cave of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche).  Participants wanted to sponsor nuns and Pantha became a carrier pigeon.  Since then sponsorship has flourished and now benefits over 300 nuns, monks, yoginis, yogis, children and elderly Himalayan people at Tso Pema, Shimla, Mungpu & Bhutan.  

Having direct contact with the people being sponsored keeps Pantha aware of the health, quality of life and ongoing needs of each individual and their communities.  This knowledge has led to several community projects including a nursery school, health care and an eco village. More information about all of these you can find listed under Sponsors and Projects to the right of your screen.

All sponsor & project monies go directly to India & Bhutan with no administration costs deducted. 

Until 2010 all administration costs were paid by Pantha, including bank fees & expenses in India and Bhutan to personally distribute the sponsorship money directly into the hands of the people.  In 2010 a core support group started to ensure the future of 'Our Jinpa'.  This group will make 'Our Jinpa' more sustainable by raising funds to cover the  core costs of managing this service and to provide backup if Pantha cannot visit these communities herself. Please contact Suzie Balmer or Pantha if you would like to contribute.

Enjoy this slideshow of people who are sponsored or looking for sponsorship